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As a professional, I must say that the topic “agreement between Deku and Queen Victoria the year 1665 on the bargain 1835” is a rather challenging one to write about. However, I shall attempt to provide some insights on the matter.

Firstly, it is important to understand the historical context in which the agreement was made. The year 1665 saw the outbreak of the Great Plague in London, which forced many people to flee the city. It was also a time of political upheaval, with the English Civil War still fresh in people`s minds. Queen Victoria, on the other hand, did not ascend to the throne until 1837, more than one hundred years after the agreement was made.

Given these historical facts, it is highly unlikely that any agreement was made between Deku and Queen Victoria in the year 1665. The “bargain 1835” could possibly refer to the year 1835, when the Slavery Abolition Act was passed in the British Parliament. However, this still does not explain who Deku is and what the agreement was about.

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In conclusion, the topic of the agreement between Deku and Queen Victoria in 1665 on the bargain 1835 is rather vague and lacks historical accuracy. As a professional, I would advise writers to be mindful of the keywords and phrases they use to avoid confusing and misleading readers.