” Frontal surpassed the concept of traditional glass installation companies to the broader definition of providing its customers with smart glass services and access solutions.”



Frontal is the leader in the Egyptian glass curtain and folding glass market, encompassing the residential and commercial segments with a unique touch of elegance and ease in providing smart glass services

The beauty of Frontal’s glass solutions lies in its understanding of the importance of architecture aesthetics, and for the physical and psychological well-being of our customers.

We know that the beauty of architecture lies in the performance and behavior of a building’s appearance and façade elements as a component.

The structural form should have an aesthetic appeal while being simultaneously driven by engineering considerations.

The importance of glass solutions to make the environment “livable” and more pleasing through aesthetic approaches is understood by FRONTAL’s team of architects and designers.

About US

We believe in

We aim to meet challenging goals alongside our talented and passionate staff who strongly believes there are always better ways to develop and deliver innovative solutions when it comes to smart glass systems with elegant output for our customers, for the sake of building a committed long-term relationship with them. Through our commitments to quality in addition to constant training and development, we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations of tomorrow’s technology.

Our Mission

Providing buildings with fancy glass access solutions with our smart glass systems and maintaining coherent, secure artwork measurements, wrapped with an aesthetic touch 

-Full respect to our customers.

-Consistent improvement.


-Adopting high standards of ethics.